Scholarship Sources


On this page , web addresses are given which give information about national and  international scholarships: is a free scholarship search resource for students, parents, and educators. AllScholar's free scholarship search tool offers simple, concise, and easy scholarship searches.

FastWeb- has a data base of 600,000 scholarships.

College Board - offers a data base with 2,3000 sources of funding.

NextStudent: offers students a free scholarship search, student loans, and loan counseling

Collegeview: is still another of the major online free scholarship searches.

SRN Express: has a data base of over 8,000 programs and 150,000 awards.

Collegenet/Mach 25: allows you to search 600,000 awards.

FreSch: uses a data base listing approximately 169,000 awards. offers free scholarship searches

Absolutely Scholarships: boasts a data base of more than 200,000 awards.

BrokeScholar:: will match your profile against 900,000 scholarships

FastAid: says they're the oldest and largest free scholarship search.

Scholarships.Com: is another free scholarship search service.

Princeton Review Scholarship Search: is offered by the test prep and college guide organization of the same name.

Scholarships 101: has a data base containing more than 600,000 awards.

EduPrep: maintains a data base of more than 2.5 million awards.

The Scholarship Page: is another free scholarship search.

Nationally Coveted Scholarships and Fellowships: gives you access to undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral awards.

ScholarSite: allows students to search for scholarships by field of study. maintains a data base of scholarships for Hispanic students.

SuperCollege :maintains a free scholarship search data base.

StudentAwards: has both U.S. and Canadian scholarship data bases.

Scholarship News: allows students to search for scholarships by category.

GoCollege: has 600,000 scholarships from more than 8,000 funding sources.

International Education Financial Aid: specializes in scholarships for international students and study abroad.

CollegeScholarships.Com: provides scholarship searches and personalized scholarship application letters.

International Scholarships: is just what it sounds like.

Military.Com Scholarship Search: includes scholarships specific to current and former military personnel.

Petersons Scholarship: is maintained by the well known college guide publisher. Scholarship Search: is part of the network, and lists more than 500,000 awards.

Pacific Northwest Scholarship Guide: is offered by the College Planning Network.

StudentAwards.Com:maintains a large scholarship search data base.

SuperCollege.Com: offers a substantial free scholarship search.