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*  PEGASUS: UCSB library books and other items (on the shelf, on order, or checked out).
*  Melvyl: Lists books and other materials in the UC system libraries.
Biology Books Online
*  Current Protocols: [UCSB!] lab manuals with step-by-step protocols. Includes many titles useful for biologists.
*  Encyclopedia of Life Sciences: [UCSB!] largest single reference work ever published in the biological sciences.
*  Merck Veterinary Manual: the single most comprehensive electronic reference for animal care information.
*  Prokaryotes: [UCSB!] a handbook on the biology of bacteria.
Find Articles: Biology Databases
*  Biosis Previews: [UCSB!] (1969+) Best database for biology and life sciences. Indexes articles, books, conference proceedings, and tech. reports.
*  Biological Sciences Database: [UCSB!] (1982+) Biomedicine, biotechnology, zoology, ecology, and some aspects of agriculture and veterinary medicine.
*  PubMed: (1966+) Index to medical literature from the National Library of Medicine.
*  Science Citation Index: [UCSB!] (1945+) Science Citation Index; including biology and related subjects.
*  Biology Digest: [UCSB!] (1989+) covers the latest developments in biological research and the life sciences.
*  Toxline: [UCSB!] (1992) information in all aspects of toxicology.
Biology Journals Online
*  Electronic Journals for Biological and Medical Sciences: [UCSB!]
links to e-journals available to UC users.
*  BioOne: [UCSB!]
allows searching of articles from publications of major American biological societies.
Biology Sources on the Internet
*  BioABACUS: Biotechnology ABbreviation & ACronym Uncovering Service -- abbreviations and acronyms in biotechnology.
* up-to-date information resource for those working in the life sciences and associated industries.
*  BIOME: guide to quality Internet resources in the health and life sciences.
*  BioSites: virtual catalog of selected internet resources in the biomedical sciences.
*  Neurosciences on the Internet: contains a searchable and browsable index of neuroscience resources available on the Web.
*  Taxonomy Browser: taxonomy database maintained by NCBI/GenBank. Links to some organisms commonly used in molecular research.
*  Virtual Library: Bio Sciences: gateway to bioscience information on the World Wide Web.
*  Biology: Botany, Ecology, Evolution, Marine Biology, Zoology: internet guide for other areas of biology
*  Biology Reference Guide: guide to library research in biology
Molecular and Cellular Biology Sites
*  Bio-Web: resources for molecular and cell biologists.
*  Cell & Molecular Biology Online: an information resource for cell and molecular biologists.
*  Cells Alive: includes images and video of cells in action.
*  CL - the Compound Likeness Method: finding 3-D similarities in protein structures.
*  Computational Molecular Biology at NIH: links to resources for molecular biology.
*  Databases and Tools for 3-D Protein Structure Comparison and Alignment: using the Combinatorial Extension (CE) Method.
*  Entrez Browser: protein structures from National Center for Biotechnology Information.
*  ExPASy Molecular Biology Server: Expert Protein Analysis System dedicated to the analysis of protein sequences and structures.
*  Molecules R US: full text searching of the Protein Data Bank (NIH).
*  NIH Center for Molecular Modeling: major supplier of molecular modeling resources and expertise to the NIH research community.
*  Pedro's Biomolecular Research Tools: links to tools and databases for molecular biology.
*  Protein Data Bank: worldwide repository for the processing and distribution of 3-D biological macromolecular structure data.
*  Protein Society: includes links to resources for protein scientists.
*  Sites for the Molecular Biology: links to essential tools and resources for molecular biology and biochemistry.
*  WWW Promoter Scan: predicts promoter regions based on scoring homologies with putative eukaryotic Pol II promoter sequences.
*  WWW Virtual Library of Cell Biology: gateway to information on the Web about cell biology.
Genetics and Genome Sites
*  GenBank: the NIH genetic sequence database, an annotated collection of all publicly available DNA sequences.
*  GeneFisher: Interactive PCR Primer Design Tool.
*  GenomeNet: guide to finding genome databases worldwide.
*  GenomeWeb: links to genetics resources (UK HGMP Resource Centre).
*  Genomic Biology: genome information and research tools from the National Center for Biotechnology Information.
*  KEGG: Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes.
*  Mitochondria Project: database for mitochondria-related genes, proteins and diseases.
*  UniGene: an experimental system for automatically partitioning GenBank sequences into a non-redundant set of gene-oriented clusters.
*  Viral Genomes: contains Reference Sequences for 873 viral genomes.
*  Virtual Library on Genetics: gateway to genetics information on the World Wide Web.
*  WWW Virtual Library: Model Organisms: gateway to information on the Web about model organisms.
*  FlyBase: a database of the Drosophila genome.
*  Genetic Maps of the Rat Genome: includes genetic maps.
*  Genome Database: searchable database of human genome information.
*  Human Genome Centers: links to human genome research centers.
*  Interactive Fly: cyberspace guide to Drosophila genes and their roles in development.
*  Jackson Laboratory: major lab for genetics research. Includes information on the mouse genome.
*  Mammalian Homology to Yeast: includes summary information on the genetic similarities.
*  Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory: links to major projects of the Human Genome Sequencing Department.
*  Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man: catalog of human genes and genetic disorders (National Center for Biotechnology Information).
*  Dendrome: a Forest Tree Genome Database (UC Davis).
*  MaizeDB: comprehensive source of information on the genetics and molecular biology of maize (USDA/ARS).
*  Net Center for Plant Genomics: online resource for sharing plant genome information.
*  Plant Genome Data & Information Center: information on plant genetics from the USDA. Includes full-text digitized plant books and journals .
*  PlantsT: Functional Genomics of Plant Transporters: focuses on genes involved in transport and uptake of plant nutrients.
Developmental Biology
*  Amphibian Embryology Tutorial: online introduction to developmental biology of amphibians.
*  Bill Wasserman's Developmental Biology Page: resources relating to a number of species, plus movies and animations (Loyola Univ. Chicago).
*  Biology Online: Developmental Biology Tutorial: introduction to developmental biology.
*  Society for Developmental Biology: society for promotion of the field of developmental biology.
*  Virtual Embryo: includes a developmental biology tutorial.
*  Virtual Library: Developmental Biology: gateway to information on the Web about developmental biology.
*  Zygote: site devoted to the molecular genetics and cellular biology of development.
Handbooks, Dictionaries & Other Resources
* compendium of online laboratory protocols.
*  Current Protocols: [UCSB!] lab manuals with step-by-step protocols. Includes many titles useful for biologists.
*  Encyclopedia of Life Sciences: [UCSB!] largest single reference work ever published in the biological sciences.
*  Hypermedia Glossary of Genetic Terms: define words used in the study of genetics.
*  Merck Veterinary Manual: the single most comprehensive electronic reference for animal care information.
*  Online Medical Dictionary: defines medical terms.
*  Prokaryotes: [UCSB!] a handbook on the biology of bacteria.
*  RxList: includes information on prescription druges including description, pharmacology, contraindications, drug interactions, dosage, etc.
Research Institutions and Groups (non-University)
*  Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory: has research programs focusing on cancer, neurobiology, plant genetics, genomics and bioinformatics.
*  National Institutes of Health: steward of medical and behavioral research for the nation.
*  National Center for Biotechnology Information: a national resource for molecular biology information (NLM, NIH).
*  National Library of Medicine: the world's largest biomedical library.
Biology Departments, Institutes, and Programs (University)
UC Santa Barbara
*  Biological Sciences
*  California NanoSystems Institute
*  Ecology, Evolution, and Marine Biology
*  Interdepartmental Graduate Program in Biomolecular Science and Engineering
*  Interdepartmental Graduate Program in Marine Science
*  Marine Science Institute
*  Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology
*  National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis
*  Neuroscience Research Institute
Other UC
*  UC Davis Division of Biological Sciences
*  UC Davis Department of Cell Biology & Human Anatomy
*  UC Davis Section of Molecular and Cellular Biology
*  UC Irvine Developmental Biology Center
*  UCLA Dept of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology
*  UCLA-DOE Center for Genomics and Proteomics
Other Universities
*  Arizona State University - Molecular and Cellular Biology
*  Stanford University School of Medicine, Department of Developmental Biology
*  University of British Columbia - Dept. of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
*  University of Colorado at Boulder
Other Biology Guides (UCSB Library)
*  Biology: Botany, Ecology, Evolution, Marine Biology, Zoology
*  Biology Reference Guide
*  Information Resources in Biotechnology
*  Information Resources for Medicine
*  Marine & Aquatic Science Reference Guide
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